Film, Media, and More…

As artists we create and we are excited to share the latest projects. We have several new works and projects in development as well. Visit this page often for new updates and the latest releases available.

Experimental Film Project

Film Title: Ever Present Production Team: Director - Producer - Director of Photography - Eva Louis 2nd Unit Director - Daniel Blunck 1st AD/Script Supervisor - Erinn Wagner Production Assistant - Set Design - Location - Kim Huenecke Cast: “Beth” - Samantha Kade “Allison” - Michelle Y. Allen “Monique” - Kathy Blaze Jefferson “Alexandria” - Carol Mayka Screening at the following events: 1. Jerome Film Festival - Forbidden Films 2. Laughlin International Film Festival IMDB

“When Right Is Wrong” Short Horror


Film Title: When Right is Wrong Production Team: Producer - Director of Photography - Editor - Eva Louis Writer - Director - Daniel Blunck Gaffer - Sound - Erinn Wagner Co-Writer - Taylor Lauson Cast: “Lizzie” - Taylor Lauson “Abby” - Carolina Kenney “Man” - Jared Keesling “Party Girl 1” - Erinn Wagner “Party Girl 2” - Eva Louis Submitted to the following event(s): 1. A Night of Misfit Films - Nov 23 & 24 2. TBD IMDB

“Life of Consequences” Feature Film

Film Title: Life of Consequences Production Team: Producer - Director of Photography - Editor - Eva Louis Writer - Daniel Blunck Co-Director(s) - Eva Louis & Daniel Blunck Crew - TBA Main Cast: “Paul Costas” - Daniel Blunck “Rachel Hernandez” - Angie Gomez “Lur Costas” - Fern McKay-Hoover “Loren” - Loren Aconav “Hermann” - Hermann Plank Addiional Cast - TBA Submitted to the following event(s): 1. TBD 2. TBD IMDB

New Projects (In Development)

Horror Short Film - Pre-Production / Filming in 2018 Feature Film - Script in progress Feature Film - Pre-Production / Estimated Filming Nov 2018/ Early 2019 Feature Film - Pre-Production / Filming fall of 2018 “The Blue Glove Series” - Pre-Production Media Productions - on-going